Breadcrumbs Based on Deepest Term

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While working on Real Homes theme, I came across this requirement to build a breadcrumb for property custom post type that should be based on deepest term of a chosen custom taxonomy. So, I am going to share the solution I came up with. This solution can be further refactored and improved based on your needs.

First we need a function to calculate the hierarchical depth of a given term related to a given taxonomy. So, I came up with function displayed below that uses get_ancestors function to return an integer value that represents a term’s hierarchical depth.

The function given below generates an array in which each array item represents an item in resulted breadcrumb. This function starts with adding Home in array. Then it finds out the deepest term for given taxonomy. And after that it works on that deepest term’s ancestors to build a full array of breadcrumb items.

The code given below represents the usage of breadcrumbs items generated by function above. I am getting the chosen taxonomy from theme options but you can hard code it if you need to.

I hope these code snippets will help you in your project. Thanks

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