Breadcrumbs Based on Deepest Term

While working on Real Homes theme, I came across this requirement to build a breadcrumb for property custom post type that should be based on deepest term of a chosen custom taxonomy. So, I am going to share the solution I came up with. This solution can be further refactored and improved based on your needs. Continue reading “Breadcrumbs Based on Deepest Term”

Saving Default Value for WordPress Customizer Setting

While using WordPress customizer api I got confused with how default value parameter is handled by setting. As I realised that setting do not save default value in database and instead one is supposed to use default parameter for get_theme_mod. I personally found it difficult to provide default value parameter multiple times as part of get_theme_mod call. So, I wrote little extra code to save the default values in database. Continue reading “Saving Default Value for WordPress Customizer Setting”

Custom Pagination for WordPress Taxonomy Archive

By default, A custom taxonomy archive page uses WordPress reading settings to decide the number of posts to display. But, Those default settings might not be good enough for your project needs. So, You need a way to change that number to fulfill your requirements. Continue reading “Custom Pagination for WordPress Taxonomy Archive”